Oil Pulling?

How does it work?

Coconut oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method used to dissolve and dislodge bad bacteria and plaque from the teeth and mouth. While regular coconut oil can have an undesirable taste, our organic oil pulling sachets are specially formulated with a hint of natural spearmint to improve the detoxifying experience and start your day off minty fresh. Oil Pulling can not only improve the apperance of your smile, but can also help expel toxins from the body giving you clearer skin, stronger immunity to bacteria, and better overall health.

How do I use it?

The oil pulling kit is best used first thing in the morning. Swirl one sachet in your mouth for 5-20 minutes, spit into the trash, rinse and finish off by brushing with Carbon Coco toothpaste for a bright smile to start the day! For best results, use consecutively for 14 days then as needed.