Activated Charcoal - the secret to whiter teeth

The original charcoal tooth polish
We loved your smile first and we’ll keep loving it forever
Made and owned in Australia
From Australia to the world, we make smiles shine everywhere

That smile can shine anywhere

All of our products are totally portable. Our organic coconut shell charcoal comes in a handy round tub, so you can care for your pearlers on the fly.

Take your Carbon Coco everywhere and never compromise your smile.

So much more than just a tooth polish!
strengthens enamel and fights plaque
Freshens breath and improves mouth health
Brightens teeth and smiles

100% natural, for real!

Our finely milled powder is totally natural and safe.

The medical grade activated charcoal is made from certified organic coconut shell to remove toxins, fight stains and protect your teeth.

The bentonite clay remineralises teeth and the surprise hint of lemon myrtle in the mix adds gentle, non-acidic antibacterial properties.


Best before bed, brush in small, gentle circles.

No need to brush hard, just give it a few minutes of effort.

Rinse and brush again with our signature spearmint toothpaste.

Repeat every night until desired brightness is achieved.